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Some 80 years ago, a small group of circulation executives from newspapers throughout the Pacific Northwest, and Canada, came together in the hope of creating a venue for the exchange of ideas, and discussion of the challenges they each faced in this wonderful field we work in. In January of 1924, an organization named Pacific Northwest International Circulation Management Association (P.N.I.C.M.A.) was born. This organization came to be recognized as a leading force in training and networking opportunities for newspaper professionals within our region.

In the years that have followed, a great many things in this business, and in particular the circulation end of it, have changed. First, the name of the organization is now (N.I.C.E.) Northwest International Circulation Executives, (No "NICE" guy jokes, please.) Other changes over the years are too numerous to mention. One thing has been consistent through the years though, this organization is still a leading force in training and networking opportunities for newspaper professionals within our region.

A key to our professional successes, the development of our current staffs, and the future crops of circulation executives is on its way back. Now, and you've heard this before, our strength as an organization rests in its members and their participation - YOUR participation. Membership dues are really very reasonable. Primary Membership in NICE is just $80. Associate Membership, Business Membership and Weekly Newspaper Membership is only $40.

N.I.C.E. Membership is a key tool for your sucess. You will have access to complete listings of N.I.C.E. members, associates, and access to our business partners and vendors. These people and businesses represent N.I.C.E. greatest asset, and it could be yours, when you become a N.I.C.E. member.





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